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This product is hand painted so design and colouring may vary.

A great piece of Australian art and culture to have. A fantastic gift idea for those to love to show their pride of Australia, and adore Aboriginal artwork.


The didgeridoo is an Aboriginal musical instrument used for dance, songs and ceremonies. Each didgeridoo player has their own style and sound. This didgeridoo is made from bamboo. A didgeridoo is usually 1 m to 1.2 m long and hollow right through. When makibng a didgeridoo the centre is shaped first and the outside is then stripped off to suit the hollow in the centre. The outside is then smoothed and painted. Often the paintings tell a story about the owner of their tribe.



How to play the didgeridoo:

Place your lips firmly at the mouthpiece and make a loose raspberry sound and then add some low noises to beef up the sound. Circular breathing is the most difficult part of playing the Didgeridoo. Basically, you have to keep a constant noise coming out of the Didgeridoo, whilst breathing through your noise, at the same time. First learn to make a sound with the Didgeridoo using the least amount of air possible. Blow the pressure from your lungs, billow your cheeks at the end of the breath and block the back of your throat. At the same time breath in through nose and then start again. The breathing helps make the basic noises.


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